Our Song Wasn’t Heard

sequence-01-00_00_26_08A year ago I helped a friend put together a music video on a nonexistent budget. The production was completed for around $500. About half of that money was spent on studio recording and on the dance choreographer, who was also the lead actress. The rest was spent on props, food and advertising. We hit the studio at Cornerstone University and acquired the help of a student to record the music.

We faced many challenges creating the content but had a lot of fun working on this passion project. The project took 5 months with 7 different days of shooting. It required a lot of locations, extras and wardrobe changes. This was the largest scale project I have written, directed and executed. You can click here to view the music video. You can also watch the behind the scenes video here.

Our marketing fell short, unfortunately. We focused mostly on getting through production and did not adequately prepare and execute a marketing campaign. Since all the content was 100% original and there was no copyrighted material used, we could monetize the video. However, this resulted in little return with only over fourteen hundred hits. We also took advantage of annotations to promote the release of the song on Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.